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Within Drama lessons, pupils use a range of dramatic conventions and forms and are encouraged to express ideas and feelings, responding in a creative and constructive way to a variety of stimuli.  The Drama department aims to nourish pupils' communication and interpersonal skills, developing their abilities to interact effectively with peers through both language and non-verbal communication.  Pupils develop skills in characterisation, improvisation, teamwork, imagination and performance.  The department believes strongly in the formative and valuable impact that Drama can have upon the pupils' understanding of the world and their part within it, and works hard to nurture pupils as independent thinkers and learners.

Our curriculum in Years 7, 8 & 9

In Years 7 & 8, pupils explore both script based and devised performance work.  The work explored is topic and skills based, with topics changing every half term.  Year 7 start with ‘An Introduction to Drama’ and Year 8 explore ‘Greek Theatre.’  Year 8 also rehearse and perform a production of 'The Jungle Book' in Activities Week.

In Year 9, pupils experience Drama once a week every other half term.  They study The Woman in Black, Abstract Theatre and Physical Theatre.

Our upper school curriculum
Our 6th Form curriculum

Enrichment opportunities

The annual school musical takes place in the Autumn Term, which is an excellent opportunity for pupils to share their talents in front of an audience.  Key stage 3 Drama club runs throughout the year, preparing performances to showcase in front of parents and friends.  We also run a number of extracurricular theatre trips to give pupils the opportunity to see live theatre in a variety of settings.