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The Ashcombe School


The values which underpin our curriculum

  • We believe that every pupil should have the opportunity to experience a broad range of subjects through to GCSE examinations, which ensures that they develop a wide range of skills and that they develop a breadth of knowledge over a range of disciplines.
  • Our well-qualified, enthusiastic and committed staff ensure that all pupils strive to do their very best by making lessons fun and accessible, setting high standards and building positive relationships with the pupils from when they start in Year 7.
  • We offer a wide range of opportunities both within the school curriculum and the extracurricular life of the school and annually review our curriculum to ensure that we are giving pupils every opportunity to succeed in their education.
  • In Lower School (Years 7-9), we offer a wide range of subjects, building on the knowledge and skills acquired at primary school.

  • In Upper School, pupils continue to study the core subjects of English, Maths, and Combined Science Trilogy (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics).  A relatively high number of pupils each year are entered for the full complement of EBacc subjects,  pupils continuing with at least one Humanities subject, one Modern Language and, in addition, one practical or Expressive Arts subject.  The timetable is constructed around pupil choice and allows pupils to have a degree of flexibility so that they are able to study, for example, both History and Geography or to continue with two languages.  Pupils are both challenged and enthused by the Key Stage 4 curriculum that we offer.
  • Work-related learning is built into the curriculum by our annual Careers Fair, International Business Week, and Year 11 Work Experience Week.
  • Our large, thriving Sixth Form offers a significant amount of flexibility so that students can take their subjects of choice, with around 25 subjects currently being offered.  The Sixth Form provides opportunities to learn in small group sizes and it is expected that the vast majority of our pupils will join our Sixth Form, where they will already be known by staff.

“The school’s comprehensive nature means that it always prioritises the pupil, and I personally feel extremely proud to belong to a community where everyone is encouraged to achieve their full potential” - Pupil