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Stepping up to secondary school


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Tutor Introductions

Head of Year – Mr Prior

       Assistant Head of Year – Miss Britton

Assistant Head of Year – Mr Harverson

7XS - Mr Green

                        7XT – Miss Read

                            7XW - Mr Cook

                       7XY – Miss Wintle

                     7YS – Mrs Turner

                        7YT – Miss Smith

                    7YW – Miss Mason

                        7YY – Miss McHugh

                         7YZ – Mrs Singh

Transition Project

We run a transition project to support any pupil who may find coming to secondary school tricky.  This could be someone coming from a school where not many of their peers are attending Ashcombe, through to someone who may be worried or anxious about coming to secondary school.  The week has previously been run by Eagle Radio, with a programme of DJing and Radio presenting skills workshops run on the school site.  These are supported by Teaching Assistants and pupils become familiar with the school building, staff and site as the week goes by.

This week-long project is followed up by meetings with either the SENCo or Head of Year 7 where pupils can ask specific questions about Year 7 and talk about any worries they may have.  There is also an opportunity to walk around the school site with their timetables before term has officially started to get an orientation of the site and a feel for the school timetable.

Anyone attending the project is also invited to a follow-up meeting once term has started and then further meetings over the course of the first term, so that any small issues can be addressed at an early stage.

SEN Transition

During the early part of the summer term of Year 6, the Ashcombe SENCo will visit primary school SENCos to discuss pupils on the SEN register and the type of support they may need.  At these meetings we would discuss what support a pupil may need in class to help them access learning and what interventions they may have had at primary school.  All pupils on the SEN register are discussed at these meetings.  The SENCo also attends the Year 6 annual reviews of any pupils with EHCPs who are planning on attending The Ashcombe, to ensure targets for these pupils are appropriate for the transition to secondary school and also any specific information about support for these pupils can be transferred.  This also gives a chance for these families and pupils to meet the SENCo and put a face to a name.